The Relationship between Training and Development and Employee Performance of Executive Level Employees in Apparel Organizations

M.K. Dinithi Padmasiri, J.G.P. Sandamali,W.G.S.Mahalekamge, M.V.S.Mendis


Even though, organizations are promoting different training programmes for executive level employees, there is no mechanism to ensure how it impacts to employees’ performance. Hence, this study attempts to identify the relationship between training and development and employee performance of executive level employees of Apparel organizations in Si Lanka. The study was quantitative and a cross-sectional survey where data was collected through a structured questionnaire. Simple random sampling technique was applied to select the sample and the sample consisted of 150 executive level employees. The data was analyzed using correlation and regression analytical tools.

Findings revealed that training and development is positively related to employee performance of executive level employees. Based on the findings, the researchers were recommended that the organization should build a correct and logically substantial mechanism to select the employees who definitely participating to the training program and the organization management should establish a widely spread post-evaluation scheme to evaluate performance of employees. 

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